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Nov 20, 2012 11:00pm PST
. as he left. but yeah, it was pretty emotional. >> nfl source told cbs 5 that jackson is all ready putting out feeler for assistants. he's an assistant for the cincinnati bangles. the hunger bowl will move to the stadium in 2014. the bowl and the 49ers announced the move today in a press conference at the stadium site. the game has been played at at&t park since 2002. >> it's a terrible decision. terrible decision. and i think it's disrespectful too. you have some competitive facilities now where you can really recruit some kids and what do they do? they fire him. the winningest coach in history. it's just -- it's a shame. >> better late than never. mike d'antoni wins in brooklyn. the raptors. mission began state, brandon dawson. this is a windmill. will chamber land has nothing on jack taylor who scored an ncaa record 138 points tonight verses faith baptist bible. he shot every 20 seconds and buried 52 shots. they won the game 179 to 104. you remember will chamber land scored 100 points for the philadelphia warriors. there was no television for that game. no footage. tonight there
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm PST
, the lakers fired mike brown this morning. phil jackson may be interested in returning to that bench. all that drama, waiting for the warriors at the stadium. the first quarter, they were on the run. clay thompson, strokes a three. warriors up by one. let's kick it out to bryant, nails the three. lakers up six. the warriors just couldn't score. outside, inside, shot 33% as a team. third quarter, here goes bryant, the bump, shot. lakers, 101-77. what will college basketball do tonight? stanford, usf, oracle. look at this three. they led 31-30 and the cardinals hit in. powell got the shot. the cardinals win, 74-62. college basketball kicked off today across the country. it was a day that makes up tonight's top five. five, seth kirk, his little birth. helps duke beat georgia state, 74-65. four, maryland, 77-69. three, yukon, michigan state, all about the spar tans -- spartans, upset the huskies, 66-62. two, georgia, florida, held up by condone says. they had to -- condone dsation. and also the ohio state and march marquette cas was canceled as well because of condensation, as >>> have a grea
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)